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Detects emergencies without any action of yours

about us

Hammer is the first smart security app in the world. Hammer detects emergencies without any action of yours. Criminals will activate the alarm without even knowing.

Hammer started from people like you: sick & tired of the insecurity from our country.​

Our peace of mind has been ripped off by criminals of this country. It is time that we protect our families and bring our own solutions. It is time to strike back.


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My phone got stolen in Pakistan. When I lost it I became anxious because it cost 2k+. I enabled the power off option. It sent me GPS and we found who stole it. Thanks hammer! 😊 Im truly a happy customer.
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Amazed with the app, it works without tricks or bugs...I was robbed at gunpoint and thanks to this app they were able to find the robbers... thanks with all my heart
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Great app, it really secured my phone when I tested it. My wife received notification with my exact location, and the all details. I really recommend it.
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Hello, I am a graduate in Criminology and I highly recommend this application, even to be considered in the future for prevention plans.
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Great app. It helped me to recover my smartphone that had been stolen from me... Excellent
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Lately in my country there are attempts to kidnap women and crime of all kinds, I am sharing this app as much as I can. I tried it with my mom and it works perfectly, it can be the difference between life and death.
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I loved it, it works super well, I really recommend it a lot. Sends photo, audio and location all super clear, and due to the current situation it is really helpful.
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Excellent application, probably the only one of its kind. Also, technical support is fast and effective. Keep in that way! They are appreciated. 🙂
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I have not experienced errors with this app, the performance has been good. I highly recommend it, I congratulate the creators of this app for creating something very necessary for any person 👏👏

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